Implementation advice for commercial deployments


Creating a powerful experience with beacons is much more than just building an iBeacon-integrated app. You need to find out how to best configure the beacons, find the proper beacon placement, take care of the maintenance and so on. Below you’ll find several articles--from Estimote and our partners--with best practices for commercial deployments.

Implementation advice

Data Spaces: Putting smart office technology to the test Fantastic case study from building a smart office with beacons and other sensors from Truthlabs.
Townsquare Media iBeacon Music Festival Tour Townsquare’s SVP of Product, Design, and Engineering explains how to best deploy beacons at live events.
FC Barcelona builds smart spaces in Camp Nou with beacons Sinergia Labs installed Estimote Beacons at one of world’s biggest and most famous sports arenas and they’ve shared their experience.
How do beacons work? We’re explaining the physics behind beacons and how it impacts the user experience.
UX for the physical world Advice and best practices for designing beacon-based interactions we’ve shared on our blog.
Elegy for forgotten sounds In-depth case study from The Reference agency on optimizing beacons' signal performance.
Mobile beacons: how to measure their effectiveness Great advice from Adobe Digital Marketing blog on how to measure your iBeacon campaign. Read here.
Things to consider when designing a gallery iBeacon experience Stripy Sock agency explains how to use beacon placement for the best UX. Read on their blog.
Mounting Estimote Beacons Llama Digital explains how to install Estimote Beacons to get the best results. Check their guide here.
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