RedEye using Estimote Beacons for Sharing Engineering Data


Imagine you are in a enormous industrial coal port, with several buildings on site. A generator needs to be serviced. The coal port alone may have 100,000 engineering drawings... and you need to find the 100 or so appropriate to that one specific generator. RedEye has put together a fantastic solution using Estimote Beacons and their cloud platform.

Using Estimote Beacons, RedEye Apps helps their clients improve the way they upload, share, markup, and manage their drawings. RedEye provides a platform for storing engineering drawings, photos, and documents alongside a specific location, and they just released their iOS and Android applications, which allow users to access their engineering data on the move. Engineers can now view and edit all of their data in the field with help of beacon-based location context. RedEye works with clients all over the spectrum, from health care, schools, mining, oil & gas, power, and water. There are plenty of case studies where their use of beacon technology would be applicable, and RedEye aims to provide their services to each one of them.

RedEye is utilizing the Estimote SDK in their iOS application to notify the user when they are approaching asset.

Using traditional location based technologies, we were able to attach documents to locations on a building level. This isn’t suitable when there could be thousands of engineering assets inside that building. Using the Estimote beacons, we were able to attach this engineering data to a specific asset inside the building. Engineers performing inspections or maintenance can view the right data straight from our cloud service when they come within range of the asset. This is really important for RedEye, as we want to move to a system where the right data is sent to a user based on their context rather than them having to search for data. Estimote beacons are crucial to discovering the user’s context for indoor locations, says Christopher Winstanley, Mobile Development Manager for RedEye.

If you’re interested in working with RedEye, check them out!

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