Eventfuel employs beacons to help thousands of events run smooth


Back in the day, managing events was a chore. Printing agendas, manually registering people on a piece of paper, little or no feedback from attendees… you get the gist. Luckily, now event managers have apps like Eventfuel that automate cumbersome tasks and let them focus only on the exciting stuff.

Eventfuel is an app that lets you take full control of your event from the comfort of your phone and connect with the attendees. Over 2,000 events worldwide use it every year to take care of registering people, gathering feedback, sending messages and so on. Recently, they have added support for Estimote Beacons to enable automated check-ins. When an attendee arrives, a notification prompts them to check in with a single tap. According to Eventfuel, this helps decrease time spent on checking in by 80%!

In 2015, we saw a 300%+ increase of usage of beacons at events. 75% of our accounts are using iBeacons for check-in. explains Alexandra De Souza, Head of Business Development at Eventfuel.

Need help with running your next event? You can download Eventfuel from iTunes and sign up on their website. And if you’re interested in how events can benefit from beacons, read our case studies about Xamarin Evolve and Dreamforce.

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