Houston Zoo app rebuilt to support microlocation


Houston Zoo is home to over 6,000 animals. It’s also among the city’s major attractions: more than 2 million people visit the zoo every year. Now New Orleans-based Apptitude has finished their work on the zoo’s app, so a tour can be accompanied by a digital experience.

Houston Zoo tasked Apptitude with a mission to create an app for iOS and Android that would help visitors make the most of their zoo tours. They also needed to strike the right balance and make sure no one misses out on the fun because they keep staring at the phone. Apptitude decided to go with Estimote Beacons as a way to provide visitors with contextual information exactly where and when it’s needed.

Now every time an app user approaches one of the Houston Zoo exhibits, they receive a notification that lets them quickly look up information about the animals and details on the next show. People quickly fell in love with the new digital tour.

Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Ryan Draper, Public Relations manager at the Houston Zoo has expressed his excitement over the app's ability to enhance their visitors' zoo experience. Ryan and the zoo staff are particularly enthusiastic about the fact that with this new app, they're able to deliver far more information to their visitors and thanks to beacons, they can do so in a new and exciting way. says Natalia Weil, Director of Sales at Apptitude.

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