Frenzi attracts shoppers with context and gamification


Retailers around the world are looking for a way to solve mobile commerce and make always connected customers spend time looking at shelves instead of their phone’s display. A new app called Frenzi by a London company Broski & Co. is using Estimote Beacons and gamification to help with that.

The core idea behind Frenzi is to make shopping fun. How? By introducing deals that can be unlocked by taking part in challenges. The faster you solve the puzzle, the better discount you get. Challenges vary from spotting differences between pictures to answering brand-related questions. Retailers can tailor them to their own needs using Frenzi’s content management system.

Frenzi uses beacons to add location context as an additional way of engaging the users. Shoppers receive notifications when they’re near an available challenge or if an item they’re interested in is a prize in one of the games. Additionally, beacons installed in stores help retailers gather data about how people shop in their venues.

Of course, building Frenzi was a challenge in itself. It took weeks of coding and testing until we finally reached a point where Otravita, the beacons management platform, was fully synched with beacons and made the Frenzi app fully responsive to their proximity signal, explains Mike Charalambous, CEO at Broski & Co.

So far Frenzi has deployed beacons in several locations in New York, London, and Cyprus. Gamification combined with context-awareness is proving effective. They report a 30% click-through rate on it's notifications and 8% conversion into actual purchases. What’s especially interesting is how playing Frenzi games engages users to spend more time in the store. Initial data shows that on average, Frenzi users keep shopping 10 minutes longer than other people.

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