Notify Nearby converts 52% of users into potential buyers with Estimote


A new shopping app is launching in New York with high hopes of helping users discover the inside scoop on their favorite brands. And it’s up to a great start: Notify Nearby has 52% conversion rate to support the claim that they’ve cracked the mobile commerce and fashion shopping code. And that’s possible thanks to Estimote Beacons.

The mechanics behind Notify Nearby are deceptively simple. All you need to do is choose your favorite fashion categories or brands to follow. Then when you’re out shopping, you’ll receive location-based notifications about anything from new product lines to special offers in the vicinity. It’s powered by Estimote Beacons, so you can be sure that you only receive the deals when you’re actually shopping. Beyond the simple facade, however, there’s a sophisticated content management and analytics tool for brands. It helps retailers delight the mobile shoppers and understand their behavior.

The beta release of Notify Nearby was tested with a select group of shoppers and stores across Manhattan and suburban New York. 52% of testers passing by a store decided to enter after receiving a notification from Notify Nearby triggered by beacons. 28% of people entering the store did make a purchase. Additionally, the engagement rate for notifications was 67%: a sixfold increase over average push notifications.

The biggest challenge that we faced is getting beacons into stores. We need to work with a retailer’s corporate office to place beacons and on board their marketing/mobile team. Even though onboarding a new retailer only take 15 minutes, the holidays are the busiest time of year. explains Nevin Jethmalani, co-founder of Notify Nearby.

Now the team is gearing up for an official launch with more brands on board. Get ready, NYC shoppers: Notify Nearby is coming to a store near you!

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