High School Student Using Estimote Beacons for his Home and Start-up


It’s a very exciting time for us here at Estimote HQ. We’re constantly looking for the best talent around the globe, and we’ve recently expanded our search to include extra help for the office in Krakow… developers, community managers, and more. Imagine our surprise when we received an application from a 17 year old in Indiana! While we may not be able to relocate Reese to our offices in Poland, it was definitely worth the conversation to find out more.

Reese lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and is the president and co-founder of Skald Inc, a software development firm with a focus on mobile applications. He started Skald with his business partner and designer Collin Peterson, and has been coding since he was 14 years old.

Reese’s father introduced him to Estimote when he saw iBeacon support for the MobiLinc Pro app. They ordered some to play around with, and see if they could be integrated with connected home devices. He has since integrated the beacons with several smart devices. The lights go on and off whenever he opens or closes a closet door. His personal favorite (and ours!) is an app that tells the entire family when their dog Roxie has been fed.

While all these apps are for personal use around the home, Skald also has an app called JROTC. JROTC, or Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, is an organization for high schoolers that teaches leadership and values through hands-on experience. The app is a reference guide for the organization and allows cadets to pull up relevant information on their iOS or Android devices. The app uses both 3D Touch and has an Apple Watch extension, with an Android Wear version coming soon.


Lately, Reese has been doing a lot of freelancing as well as work for Skald to help pay for his upcoming college years.

I asked Reese the standard question most 17 year olds are confronted with... “What do you want to be when you grow up?” He replied, “I would like to be a Software Engineer at Apple. Over the last two years I have really fallen in love with Swift and would like to continue to develop for iOS at a higher level.”

Keep an eye on Reese Breischaft, Skald Inc, and his continuing success as a developer. Also, be sure to check out his apps on the App Store!



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