What is Indoor Light?


Indoor Light is one of the modes of Estimote Indoor Location. It delivers stable position updates, while utilizing your phone’s resources in a much more efficient manner (improved battery life). It provides more stable and precise positioning than iBeacon's proximity zones.

What’s the difference between Normal and Light mode?

Indoor Light delivers best results in big spaces: 270 square meters (or 3,000 square feet) and above. If you want to deploy Indoor Location in a smaller space, it’s better to use Normal mode in your app. Keep in mind that Light mode does not show real-time position updates, unlike Normal.

With beacons placed every 6 meters, the Light’s accuracy is approximately between 2 and 3 meters. It also works with beacons positioned in the middle of the location and scales to very large spaces. What’s very important - you can utilize the app with any iOS device, even iPod and iPad.

How to enable Indoor Light?


In order to change mode, simply change mode property of EILIndoorLocationManager object.

indoorLocationManager.mode = EILIndoorLocationManagerModeLight;

If the position updates delivery is in progress it will effectively restart position updates with new mode.

Give a try: https://github.com/Estimote/iOS-Indoor-SDK

iOS app

To switch from Indoor to Indoor Light in your iOS app, simply click the user icon in the top right corner and switch the navigation mode to "Light."

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