BeMaty app to enhance jewelry shopping with Beacons 


Technology is entangled with practically every aspect of our lives. Our careers, hobbies, everyday activities... Staying tuned in is impossible without following your favorite brand in the digital dimension. Brands can capitalize on this by bringing meaningful content timely and precisely.

That’s what Avant-Goût Studios together with GN Partner were focusing on for Maty, a popular French jewelry brand.

Launching the application, based on connecting store windows to jewelry lovers’ phones, became an ultimate step forward for Maty. The brand has been on the market since 1951 and they keep on innovating to maintain customer relationships.

Keeping up with trends is important for Maty’s clients. Many of them follow the company blog. But when you’re out shopping, receiving a notification about a discount on the necklace you’ve been thinking about or a new collection that your friend would love is amazing. Pushing informative, entertaining content that speaks to the customers at just the right moment was possible with implementation of Estimote Beacons.

Adrien Piffaretti mentioned simplicity in activating beacons was one of the prerequisites for the idea, as well as design and platforms they are supporting. We were delighted to know that the product features and support we provided were highly appreciated by the Avant-Goût Studios team.

Working together with GN Partner Agency, they benefited from the ease of activating and running beacons. They used the iBeacon Cordova plugin to develop the app.

Maty manages content of the app using Wordpress. All they have to do is input the new message they want to share with customers, and it will appear when a user approaches Estimote Beacon.

Today Avant-Goût Studios is moving forward with Estimote Beacons, and they are already working on a new project that will involve next generation Location Beacons. It’s aimed at creating a global solution for museums and events. iBeacon/Eddystone support, as well as integrating Estimote Telemetry and GPIO access will definitely catch the eyes of developers. You can check it out here.

Bringing Estimote Beacons and open-source technologies together enabled Avant-Goût Studios to create a flexible, dynamic and affordable application for the Maty

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