Oroundo made it easier to party in Vienna on New Year with iBeacon notifications


Vienna is known for many things, from the impact its famous citizens made on music landscape to the awe-inspiring architecture. What many people do not realize, Austrian capital is also home to Silvesterpfad, Europe’s biggest New Year’s celebration, attended by hundreds of thousands of people. Austrians sure know how to party and Oroundo made it even more fun last year with their Silvesterpfad beacon-powered app.

Oroundo is a team distributed among Austria, Germany, and Bosnia. They’ve created a platform used by cultural and tourism institutions across Europe to improve their mobile offering. Silvesterpfad 2015/16 has been Oroundo’s largest project so far. The app let its 12,000 users navigate the 13 locations holding New Year’s events and receive relevant information about what’s happening in the neighbourhood.

With 70 beacons deployed across all locations, Oroundo was pushing 400 notifications per hour during the New Year’s celebration. Every minute, seven people having fun at Silvesterpfad would receive directions or location-based content. And at midnight, 7,000 people took part in the biggest digital fireworks to date.

We used Estimote beacons for several projects and are really satisfied with the functionality of these. Especially for Silvesterpfad we used 70 of these, without any kind of problems. We really like to use them for outdoor projects, because they are very resistant and easy to use. Said Wolfgang Zissernig, Head of Marketing at Oroundo.

Oroundo has also deployed Estimote Beacons in Salzburg Museum, Kunsthaus Dahlem Berlin, and other cultural institutions. And if you want to read more about beacons in art and culture, check out the fantastic interactive story This is Capital City and the Elegy for forgotten sounds installation in Bruges.

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