I don’t see my beacons/stickers in Estimote app. What should I do?


You have your beacons or stickers and you want to start tinkering, but you can’t detect them with the Estimote app?

Here are the steps to fix it:

1. Please make sure you have both Bluetooth and Location Services enabled. They are required to connect to a beacon or sticker.

2. Don’t forget to check your Internet connection.  

3. To connect to a beacon/sticker, you need to be logged into the Estimote Account this beacon/sticker is assigned to.

4. If none of these work, restart your device and Bluetooth. Also, log out from the app and log in again

If you’re not sure to which account your beacons are assigned, this article might help: I cannot see my beacons in Estimote Cloud dashboard. How do I add them? 

Keep in mind, Development Access mode allows sharing your beacons with others without transferring the ownership.

After you’ve followed these, you’ll see your beacons in the app! If you still don’t, drop us a line to contact@estimote.com. We'll need some details to check this for you: 

  • Your Estimote Account email;
  • identifier of a beacon;
  • mobile device model;
  • the version of the Estimote app.
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    Ramon Campos

    hello, how many stickers can monitoring an App?
    The sdk allow send information about the status of its (if one stickers is out room/or in)

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