Eddystone-URL: how to enable Physical Web in Chrome?


Estimote Beacons can broadcast URL addresses as part of the Eddystone-URL packet. Chrome browser on Android can detect these URLs and display them as notifications. You can use that to prompt users to visit your website or download an app that delivers an improved experience in your venue.

To learn more about Eddystone and Physical Web, read What is Eddystone?

How to enable Physical Web in Chrome on Android

On Android, URL addresses are delivered as low priority notifications with the Physical Web icon whenever you’re in range of a beacon broadcasting Eddystone-URL.

To enable Physical Web notifications:

  1. make sure you have Bluetooth on and Location enabled
  2. grant Location Permission for Chrome in the app’s settings
  3. if you do not receive notifications, open Chrome and go to chrome://flags/ address. Tap Physical Web and choose Enable

Remember that Chrome’s Physical Web implementation only supports HTTPS addresses. HTTP URL will not be displayed.

Please note that Google has removed Physical Web support from Chrome on iOS, here's their comment on it. Google has also moved Physical Web on Android from Chrome to Google Play Services & Nearby Notifications. While we don't have any certain information, this move could be indicating that Physical Web support will be also removed from Chrome eventually.

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