EXPO 2016 Antalya uses Estimote Beacons in one of the world’s largest microlocation projects


After EXPO 2016 starts this month in the Turkish City of Antalya, over 8 million people are expected to visit the 1.2 million sq meters event ground before it comes to a close in October. They’ll be able to use indoor navigation provided by VesLabs’s Fizmon platform and built on top of a network with almost 5,000 Estimote Beacons. This makes the EXPO one of the largest beacon deployments to date.

EXPO 2016 is an enormous event, with a number of attractions that can make you dizzy. Thanks to Fizmon and Estimote, the EXPO app will not only provide attendees with accurate positions, but will also offer step-by-step navigation between points of interest. Visually impaired users will receive voice instructions and content. And since the environment-themed event will last for half a year, CMS built by VesLabs allows organizers to adjust content and notifications for particular areas in real time.

Besides providing navigation, EXPO app will aggregate location data. It’s going to be accessible both for users, to check which events are hot right now and which are less crowded, and to organizers to create heatmaps, analyze foot traffic and evaluate the performance of events and campaigns.

When VesLabs was building Fizmon and working on installing the beacons on site, they had to manage thousands of devices. That’s what they had to say about it:

Estimote app helped us a lot, it enabled a more reliable, secure and fast deployment. The biggest advantage of the app was to help us to assign special UUID and Major/Minor values to our beacons in order to trace visitors’ location in real time and broadcast messages/notifications to them. The Estimote stack was very functional during the configuration of our features.

If you want to see more case studies with Estimote technology enhancing event experience, read about Plages Electroniques improving engagement with nearables and Eventfuel building a proximity-based event management tool.



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