Beacon-driven customer journey is Blocco 31’s ace in the hole


Ecommerce specialists know that a customer can drop out of the purchase funnel at any moment: that’s why you need to keep them engaged throughout the process. New Italian footwear brand, Blocco 31, is utilizing the same knowledge in the physical world, using Estimote Beacons to enhance the customer journey.

Blocco 31 is a sister brand of Cinti, a footwear company with over 60 years of history. They run over 20 stores all across Italy where they aim to please and go an extra mile for their customers: young, hip, and tech-savvy people. Blocco 31 app, developed by Makeitapp, plays a key part in that. It drives the shopping experience even before the customer is in the store. If you pass by one of Blocco 31’s locations, you might get a notification with information about the current promotion. Enter and product details will pop up on your phone automatically. And as you approach the product that’s on sale, you’ll receive a discount redeemable at the cash register.

All of that is powered by Estimote Beacons and Makeitapp’s platform that enables even non-technical users to manage app’s content. It’s more than a simple CMS: it offers features allowing people to create sophisticated interactions with the use of social actions, geofences, and push notifications.

With so many opportunities for notifications, gamification, and promotional materials, we wanted to create a strategy that would excite and not overwhelm the customer. To date, many of the existing beacon-projects are often large scale stores with thousands of products, so creating a one-of- a-kind experience in a small to medium-sized environment served as an unprecedented challenge for our team. said Flavio Piccioni, CEO of Makeitapp.

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