Seek! lets Nomtek find any device in the office


Don’t you just hate it when people take office stuff and then forget to put it back in the same spot? No one will ever give you back the time wasted on looking for misplaced items, but Nomtek has found a way to make sure devices aren’t lost around the workspace anymore. Nothing has gone missing in their office since they launched Seek! and installed Estimote Beacons.

Nomtek is a product design studio based out of Wrocław, Poland. They work with clients from across the globe, including Intel, Yelp, and Newsweek to help them improve their mobile products. That means QA and testing has to be conducted on tens of different smartphones and tablets. But finding the right model has been a growing problem at Nomtek’s office. At the end of the day, developers should be spending their time solving problems and writing code, not running around the room in a frantic search of a particular Samsung device.

That’s why they decided to build Seek! The app is installed on every smartphone in the office that’s equipped with Estimote Beacons. Seek! registers the location of each device and stores it on a server. Now if Nomtek’s testers want to find a particular model, they only need to choose it from a list to check where it’s at. The app is incredibly simple and proves you don’t need bells and whistles to get the job done.

Sounds simple, but the frustration among our workers was gone with a finger snap and no device went missing since. We’re still planning to expand on the existing features, e.g. by having the device automatically register itself into a roster (possibly highlighting the active user) when somebody takes it home for whatever reason. says Wojciech Wilczyński, Chief Marketing Officer at Nomtek.

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