What's NFC ?


Proximity Beacons come with a built-in NFC tag. NFC enables apps to trigger beacon events not only on proximity, but also on the very explicit gesture of touching a beacon. Now collecting a stamp, confirming a payment or checking in has one more option: tapping a beacon.

Here's what NFC brings:

1. Tap to connect

Identifying and configuring a beacon is now possible just by touching it with a mobile device. Estimote Android app already supports it: just tap the beacon and Estimote app will automatically open and connect to it.

2. App integration

NFC in the new Proximity Beacons is fully programmable. It is easy to integrate action-based-on-touch feature into your own app. The options are various:

  • opening the app
  • opening specific activity in the app
  • directing to the app's page in Google Play Store if it's not installed

Follow our tutorial on Developer Portal to learn how to do it.

If you have any questions or ideas, drop us a line at contact@estimote.com.



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