Porsche Leipzig takes beacons for a ride in the Customer Centre


If you’re into cars and still haven’t paid a visit to Porsche factory in Leipzig, it’s high time to update your vacation plans. Not only you will see how some of the world’s most beautiful automobiles are made, you also get to take one for a spin on an on-road circuit. And now Porsche has released an app that uses Estimote Beacons to make your visit even better.

Porsche Leipzig has a brand-new app that helps make sure you have a great time from the moment you set your foot in the Customer Centre. Thanks to Estimote Beacons, you will receive additional information about the facilities you’re visiting at the moment. Don’t worry if you get lost checking out all the automotive wonders: Porsche Leipzig app also uses beacons for indoor navigation. When you approach one of the cars in the museum, you get more information. You’ll be able to check specs, learn additional details, and watch videos.

Apart from the microlocation features, the app lets you share memories from your ride on the on-road circuit and takes advantage of Augmented Reality to let you uncover more than the naked eye can see. What, you’re booking a flight to Leipzig now? Good, don’t forget to download the app first

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