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Launching Estimote Mirror – the world’s first video-enabled beacon

You can pre-order Estimote Mirror for a developer kit which includes 3 devices. They start shipping later this year, so be sure to order yours today!


Estimote Mirror FAQ

What is Estimote Mirror?

Estimote Mirror is the world’s first video beacon, and allows users to interact with any video screen, providing them with contextual awareness and curated information. Content can be based on multiple sources including mobile-phones, beacons and Web APIs. Estimote Mirror doesn’t even need the user to have an app on their phone to have a magical experience --by using Estimote’s other beacon products attached to any object you can transform it to a “smart object” that triggers the nearby screens.


How is Mirror used?

Estimote Mirror seamlessly plugs into any video screen’s USB and HDMI ports. From there, it can use the information from beacons and apps powered by Estimote’s SDK to show personalized content and react to movement and actions of nearby people or objects.


How is Mirror made?

Mirror is produced at Estimote’s Krakow-area factory, responsible for producing Estimote’s full range of hardware products.


Can I have some case studies for scenarios to use Mirror?

Retail: Without any specialized app on their phone, shoppers can see detailed product information, commercials and compare products to have a magical shopping experience.

Advertising: Companies can attract more attention with eye-catching content tailored to consumers as they pass by, tapping into their interest, needs and previous buying habits. Advertising can be either personalized or targeted at larger groups of consumers based on aggregated data.

Smart Cities: Screens are everywhere in the urban landscape, from building to airports to subway platforms. They can now send exacting alerts and mapping, to the audiences who need them.

Arenas and Museums: Ever try to find your seat at a crowded stadium carrying your phone in one hand, and a tray full of drinks and food in the other?  With Mirror, your fan experience is made all the more enjoyable, with clear and personalized mapping and messages displayed on the many monitors.

Airports: Travelers can be shown personalized flight information tailored specifically to where they’re going. As travelers move through the airport, screens can update along their path and get them to where they need to be quickly and easily.

Industry 4.0: Mirror is a perfect addition to modern industrial automation systems working as effective data dashboard and making relevant information available hands-free to workers in factories, warehouses and other industrial settings.

Events, Conferences: Nobody likes it when the event schedule changes and all of the venue signage still shows out-dated agenda. With Mirror such information is not only always up to date, but also personalized and more engaging.


Who are Mirror’s customers?

Mirror currently has a number of customers beta testing the device for a variety of display and digital signage solutions. These include some of the world’s leading consumer products companies, industrial manufacturers, retailers, museums, and start-ups. These include Oracle and Cuseum.


Is Mirror easy to program?

It is amazingly simple. If you are one of the many thousands of organizations who have previously developed an application using Estimote’s products, it will take just a small snippet of code to tap into the power of Estimote Mirror. The visuals and content displayed on the Mirror will be developed using our own JavaScript SDK that’s optimized for simplicity and could be used by designers and casual developers without much coding experience.


What type of user/analytics data is available with Mirror?

Mirror allows users to tap the power of Estimote’s robust analytics platform, but can also tap numerous of other analytics products and services and call down data from almost any source connected to the cloud.


How does Mirror integrate with other Estimote products?

Mirror not only can use all of the information broadcasted by beacons, but it can also act as a fleet management hub that’s able to remotely change their settings and configuration. Similarly to other Estimote products, Mirror’s configuration and content are accessible through Estimote Cloud API and Web application as well as mobile apps for both Android and iOS.


Can Mirror be hacked?

Communication between Mirror and mobile devices will be limited to applications using Estimote SDK and the data-exchange protocol uses enterprise-grade encryption and security algorithms. Device configuration is secured with cloud-based authentication so unauthorized access is not possible.


What does Mirror do to protect my privacy?

As with all Estimote products, use of Mirror is permission-based and requires the permission of the user when signing up for an application to provide access to their past user data and personal information. This aspect is undertaken by Estimote’s customers who provide the application to their consumers.


How much does Mirror cost?

Mirror is initially available in a 3 piece developer kit and is available for $99 at estimote.com.


Can I buy Mirror?

You can pre-order the Mirror Development Kit with 3 pieces of hardware at estimote.com. Mirror will be shipping later this year. We strongly recommend ordering early because we expect very high demand.

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