Fiat Group launches beacons at the 2016 Mondial de l'Auto in France


Ever hear of the Mondial de l’Automobile in Paris? It’s a motor show in Paris with historical roots… in fact, it was the first International Automobile, Sports, and Cycling exhibition, back in 1898. Well, here we are in 2016, and times have changed. The show has adapted accordingly, focusing on new energies and the environment. One startup in particular, Ivizone, is looking to move with the evolving needs of Mondial de l’Auto, and developed a unique solution for engaging with visitors: a contextual experience for the three stands of Fiat Group.

For the length of the show, Fiat, Jeep, and Alfa Romeo stands are equipped with Estimote beacons. Estimote beacons are deployed on every car, providing a magical digital experience that pushes specialized content to users. Users and visitors are sent informative videos, images, technical specs, and sound about the cars around them, enhancing their interactions with the three brands. While the Mondial de l’Auto is an informative excursion already, this takes education about the fleet of vehicles involved to the next level! Users can even “like” the cars they see in the app, flagging the cars that are important to them and referring back to them later.

There are some basic restrictions involved when using beacons, in order to experience all they have to offer: the appropriate app needs to be installed, notifications enabled, and Bluetooth must be activated. Thus, to flourish and succeed in engaging with users at Mondial de l’Auto, creating a use case where the user is eager to download and live the digital experience in real time is crucial. Thanks to free WiFi connections offered at each of these stands, Fiat Group can maximize their outreach, encouraging visitors to download and get going quickly with their app (built in collaboration with WayVLaB).

Ivizone used their app and beacons to their full potential, even integrating analytics into the setup. Based on the information acquired from the WiFi access points and the application, there are two levels of analytics available: one for the number of visitors at every stand, and one level with insights on every car. This allows Ivizone to feed back data to Fiat Group, providing valuable ground floor research into how their app and cars performed amongst attendees.

“We have in average of 7,000 visitors per day on every of the 3 stands since the beginning of the Mondial de l’Auto. We have more than 400 people connecting to the WiFi every day! If this experience is successful, we will push the deployment in every car dealership of the group,” says Noel-Edouard Chenu of Ivizone.

Check out the FCA Mondial app, and be sure to keep your eye on Ivizone Group to see what else they have in store!

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