How to enable Estimote Monitoring with SDK?


Estimote Monitoring allows apps to detect when somebody is entering and exiting the range of beacons. Compared to iOS Core Location Monitoring, it allows for more granular enters/exits without any region limit. The algorithms rely on a couple of beacon settings being properly configured. To do this:

  1. Download the latest version of iOS SDK.
  2. Discover your device (its Connectivity Packet) with ESTDeviceManager:
    ESTDeviceManager *deviceManager = [[ESTDeviceManager alloc] init];

    deviceManager.delegate = self;

    [deviceManager startDeviceDiscoveryWithFilter:[[ESTDeviceFilterLocationBeacon alloc] init]];
  3. Connect with it:
    - (void)deviceManager:(ESTDeviceManager *)manager didDiscoverDevices:(NSArray *)devices {

      ESTDeviceLocationBeacon *locationBeacon = (ESTDeviceLocationBeacon *)devices.firstObject;

      locationBeacon.delegate = self;

      [locationBeacon connect];

  4. Turn on settings required by Estimote Monitoring by using ESTEstimoteMonitoringFeatureset:
    - (void)estDeviceConnectionDidSucceed:(ESTDeviceConnectable *)device {
      ESTDeviceLocationBeacon *locationBeacon = (ESTDeviceLocationBeacon *)device;
      ESTFeaturesetEstimoteMonitoring *featureset = [[ESTFeaturesetEstimoteMonitoring alloc] initWithDevice:locationBeacon];
      [featureset writeEnableSettings:YES withCompletion:^(NSArray *errors) {
        if (errors) {
          NSLog(@"Failed to enable monitoring. Errors: %@", errors);
        } else {
          NSLog(@"Estimote Monitoring enabled!");
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