I can't connect to beacons in the Estimote app


If you’ve opened this article, chances are that you entered the Configuration menu in the Estimote app, found your beacon, but couldn't establish a connection. If that happens, there are several possible scenarios and things you can do about it.

Scenario I -  the app told you that "beacon doesn't belong to [your_email_address]”

It seems the beacon is not added to your Cloud account. No worries! It's fairly simple to add it. Follow these steps. If the beacon is already added to your Cloud but you're still getting this error message, simply log out and log back in. It should work now!

Scenario II - you can't connect because of a "server error"

Apparently, the app wasn't able to fetch the data of your beacon from the Estimote Cloud. The most common reason is a poor internet connection. If you can improve it, please do so and retry. The issue could also be on our side, so just wait for a few seconds and try again. Restarting the device also wouldn’t hurt! If the problem persists, definitely let us know.

Scenario III - the connection is timed out

If that happens, try again a few times and see if there's an improvement. Consider also our Quick Connect options in the Estimote apps:

  • shake a beacon to connect (will work only if Shake to Connect is enabled).
  • connect with NFC by tapping on the beacon with your phone.

When using Estimote Stickers, make sure you're nudging them when trying to connect.

If the problem persists, let us know. Please be sure to include:

  • the beacon's identifier
  • your Cloud account
  • steps you have taken
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